About Rose Carol

Rose Carol M.A. Counseling, CT. Ayurveda Health Practitioner



Rose graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and along the way, found alternative coaching methods to help people effectively reduce stress, gain insight, and move through life’s many challenges with more support and ease. For 30 years she’s taught people around the USA ways to relax and improve health as a meditation instructor and Ayurveda Health Practitioner. She completed her Marriage and Family Counselor Internship in Oakland California where she worked at JFK Counseling Center and in addition worked and trained in John Bradshaw’s Inner Child Healing at the Center for Creative Growth in Berkeley California. In addition, she has worked with dually diagnosed individuals suffering from trauma at Options of Southern Oregon in Southern Oregon. In the 1980’s Rose attended Maharishi European University where she studied Vedic Science in Vlodrop Holland and was made a meditation instructor by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She mentored with master Ayurvedic healer, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra and was initiated into his family lineage of Ayurvedic Healers  specializing in Ayurvedic Detox called Panchakarma.  She lives in the Chicago area where she offers Insight Coaching, Delving Deep Meditation, and Ayurvedic Preventive Health Services.  Rose is also a Highly Sensitive Person and Empath ofering workshops to optimize the positive traits of HSP such as empathy and intuition.

My history includes:

  • Studied  Vedic Sciences at Maharishi International University 1981-1984.
  • Completed  Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training, Holland 1987
  • Ayurveda Practitioner Training Course, Vlodrop Holland, 1991 with Maharishi Mahesh  Yogi.
  • Co-Founder  of former Seattle Maharishi Ayurveda Health and Pancha Karma Center
  • Received   Ayurvedic Advanced Educator Certification from Bhavana Institute of   Ayurveda and Yoga 
  • Registered   Ayurveda Practitioner with the Ayurveda Association of Professionals for   North America
  • Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda Health Practitioner
  • Student of   Ayurvedic Healer, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra since 1997
  • Continuing  education with Dr. Rishi in Ayurveda Health Home, Kathmandu Nepal
  • Voice  Dialogue Training with Tamara Stone
  • Served as a consultant to Indus Valley Ayurveda Health Center in Mysore, India 2013
  • Faculty of  Ayurvedic Education at Healing Arts Institute from 2011 to 2014 Sacramento   California
  • Approved  continuing education teacher by the National Certification Board of  Massage Therapists and Body Workers.
  • Graduated from California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA.
  • Graduated  from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Masters in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Depth and Transpersonal Psychology.

Areas of Expertise:

The Highly Sensitive Person, Anxiety, Trauma/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Divorce/Marital Problems  Loss/Grief Career/Stress Performance Anxiety ( School, Job settings, Ayurvedic lifestyle counseling, sleep disorders, digestive and elimination problems, skin problems, detoxification.

Above everything, I care about helping people change their lives for the better. If you are seeking a more positive relationship with yourself, with your physical body, emotional body, and with other people, I know how to help!