Support for the Highly Sensitive person


Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?


Is this you?  According to Dr. Elaine Aron, Highly Sensitive People Tend to have the following:

  • Often feel overwhelmed and overstimulated by your environment.
  • Feel that there is something more, that there’s a missing piece. 
  • Experience feelings very deeply, when you feel disappointed by something, it goes very deep. Your joy equally goes very deep.
  • Tend to dislike small talk and often avoid parties.
  • Tend to be a giver not a receiver.
  • Tend to not ask for help or support and yet you desire support from the ‘right ’person.
  • Consider yourself a spiritual person and appreciates creativity and fine arts.
  • Sense you can have a greater impact on others and society but tend to hide or be limited 
  • Is affected by the news what’s happening in the world. 
  • May have had a challenging childhood.
  • Tend  to have self -soothing behaviors that have a negative side- affects,  for example using food or other substance to self soothe, over sleep, or  spend too much time online. 
  • Suffers from Anxiety

A Special Invitation For You…

My Delving Deep Soul & Body Work Message 

I  help people process difficult emotions such  grief, shame, guilt,  disappointment, fear, anxiety,  and may have related health issues with  digestion, weight, and elimination,  but desire ways to feel emotionally  safe, in control of their moods, and want to learn skills so they can  feel centered, calm, and  comfortable in their own skin. As a result of  our time together, you will  learn to create healthy boundaries, receive  self-care,  come to greater self- acceptance and self- worth, be  empowered with tools to manage  feelings and receive natural techniques  to quiet, balance, and soften the mind and body.

Expected Results  from Coaching And Ayurveda Applications

· Overcome Fear of the Unknown.

· Be truly seen and heard, feel supported.

· Significant Stress Reduction

· Connect more clearly with your higher self/soul for inner guidance/intuition.

· Increased Self- Worth and Self Confidence

· Spiritual Growth and More Joy

· Healing the Inner Child.

· Wake Up Feeling More Refreshed and Enthusiastic.

· Shift in Consciousness and Awareness

· Ability to emotionally resource self

·Learn to Transcend and Experience Deep Inner Silence and Deep Relaxation

· Techniques to manage emotions and triggers

· Become more aware of your strengths

· Improved health, better digestion and elimination

· Improved sleep

· Feel safer 

· Relief from pressure to ‘be someone” 

Integrate Ayurvedic Self Care Tools for greater balance.

What makes  this holistic coaching program different than other programs?

·The  coaching facilitator is uniquely qualified, a trained Depth  Psychotherapist holding a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and  since 1987 has had extensive training as an Ayurvedic Health  Practitioner and Meditation Teacher, having been trained with Dr.  Ramakant Mishra and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.     

· Completely customized to your unique mind/body/spirit and emotional make up.

· Judgment free space with a trained Depth Psychotherapist and experienced Ayurveda Health Practitioner since 1989.

· Based on a 5000 year old system of medicine, Ayurveda, and other  evidenced based therapeutic models. Uniquely, addresses all the layers of human existence called Koshas, from the most subtle energy of pure consciousness called   Turiya in Sanskrit, and through all the layers of the emotional body,  intellect, mental body and physical body. It is a truly comprehensive  and holistic approach. In terms of Ayurveda it is called Sattvavijaya  which ultimately means regaining memory of one’s full potential which already exists in your own consciousness and DNA. The  program is designed to awaken the memory wholeness that is already  there.

Receive Personal, kind, one to one care and attention.