Support for the Highly Sensitive person


Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?


Is this you?  According to Dr. Elaine Aron, Highly Sensitive People Tend to have the following:

  • Often feel overwhelmed and overstimulated by your environment.
  • Feel that there is something more, that there’s a missing piece. 
  • Experience feelings very deeply, when you feel disappointed by something, it goes very deep. Your joy equally goes very deep.
  • Tend to dislike small talk and often avoid parties.
  • Tend to be a giver not a receiver.
  • Tend to not ask for help or support and yet you desire support from the ‘right ’person.
  • Consider yourself a spiritual person and appreciates creativity and fine arts.
  • Sense you can have a greater impact on others and society but tend to hide or be limited 
  • Is affected by the news what’s happening in the world. 
  • May have had a challenging childhood.
  • Tend  to have self -soothing behaviors that have a negative side- affects,  for example using food or other substance to self soothe, over sleep, or  spend too much time online. 
  • Suffers from Anxiety

A Special Invitation For You…

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