Panchakarma - Ayurvedic Detox


Ancient Ayurveda for Physical and Emotional Detoxification: Feel Your Optimum


Ideally Panchakarma is done in residence to avoid distractions and to allow the mind and body to get deep rest and rejuvenation. In this deep rest, stress and toxins can more easily flow out of the physiology resulting in greater functioning of the mind and body. For this reason, if your home is available, I will bring panchakarma equipment to you and give the treatments between 2 and 4 hours per day for 3 to 7 days.  This also allows me prepare your food as nutritional therapy which is required during panchakarma. A minimum of three days of panchakarma is required and depending on where you are located within a 20-mile radius of my office.  I also offer some additional Ayurvedic treatments in my office in Highland Park as well. An intake session is required before Panchakarma for $125 as well as home preparation of diet and herbs as way to soften ama or toxins so that you will gain maximum benefit from the treatments.  A fee of $150 is added on for each day which includes initial set up and take down of equipment,  vegetable kichari for lunch and dinner, herbal teas during the treatments, and travel time to and from your home.  This fee does not include any cost for additional herbal supplements, food supplements and specific herbal oils which will be determined at the time of the intake session.  I have over 30 years experience administering panchakarma and I continue to offer panchakarma on a part-time basis for those who qualify. Please call to set up an initial interview.


Description of Treatments:

Ayurvedic Grief Support Treatment - This treatment involves a gentle touch application of herbal creams that support the relief of grief on marma points. Marma points are gateways that help circulate prana or lifeforce through the subtle channels in the body called nadis. After the marma point touch therapy, a 2ndtreatment is give called Heart Basti which helps to pull out emotions and at the same time nurture and soothe the emotions associated with the heart chakra. If you are grieving, this is an excellent treatment, usually 3 treatments are recommended once per week. Grief counseling is also available if one desires. This treatment is done at my office in Highland Park or it can also be done as part of panchakarma in your home. 

75-minute treatment: $150

90-minute treatment $175

2-hour treatment with counseling $225

Marma Therapy: As described above to help reduce EMF’s, alkalize the body, increase circulation of prana, strengthen immunity, and significantly reduce stress especially for vata imbalances but good for all doshas.  This treatment is done at my office in Highland Park or can be added to home panchakarma. 1-hour $125, 75-minutes $150

Abhyanga: This is a soothing and  balancing herbal oil application to the body that helps to balance the mind and body. It is available in my office in HP or part of home panchakarma. 

1-hour $125 , 75 min $150

75-minute with combination of marma and abhyanga $175

Udwartna: This is an herbal paste massage specifically used as part of home  panchakarma to help stimulate lymph and rid the body of toxins. 1-hour $175

Swedana: Herbal Steam Treatment to produce a mild sweating to rid the body of toxins as part of home panchakarma.  $150 between 30 and 45-minutes.

Shirodhara: This is an herbal oil treatment which includes a gentle flow of oil on the head to open the channels and balance the doshas. The cost varies depending on the oil, if one uses Aswhagand Bala oil or other herball oil the cost of the treatment is $245, if the treatment if one uses plain sesame oil, the treatment is $ 195

Takradhara: This is similar to Shirodhara but instead of oil, herbal buttermilk is used. It’s excellent for headaches, sleep problems and heat related imbalances. The treatment length varies which determines the cost. A 30-minute treatment is $175.oo. Due to the time of set up and clean up of treatment as well as products used is what makes these treatments more costly than others.

Nasya: This is a head and sinus treatment that involves head massages, steam, and herbal oil for the sinuses. It’s excellent to help with any kapha disorders. 1-hour treatment: $225 This treatment can be done as part of home panchakarma or in my office in Highland Park.

Heart Basti:; This treatment is done in conjunction with marma as a single treatment done in my office or as part of an add on treatment to home panchakarma. If done as an add on treatment to panchakarma the cost is $110

Navel Basti: This treatment is similar to the heart basti but done on the navel for digestive, elimination, or menstral problems. It balances apana vata. 30-minute treatment is $110. This can be done as part of home pk or done in my office.

Enema Basti: This is part of the panchakarma treatment if one is doing more five or more days of panchakarma. A variety of herbal and oil preparations are given. This is self administered.  Average cost for the basti is $85

Initial Intake in person or by phone/zoom $125 follow-up $90 for one-hour or $65 for 30 mins. 

Satvavijayanti  Session– Ayurvedic Psychology, these are counseling sessions offering talk therapy through the lens of Ayurveda, a holistic insightful way of understanding your self and relationships. Also addresses anxiety disorders. This can be scheduled into pk or at my office. 1-hour $125 in person or by skype. If you are coming for weekly sessions, the cost is $90.00