Our Services

Ayurvedic Health Coaching

 Find out how to improve overall health through food recommendations, herbal recommendations, lifestyle practices, and body therapies to help  balance and restore the body, mind, and emotions. A  health assessment is done with pulse reading  called nadi vigyan.    

Counseling and Psychotherapy


In person or Online: I help people move forward in life by facilitating blockages caused by trauma, anxiety, depression,  behavioral addictions, grief, relationship issues,  self esteem, and sleep problems. I have a passion  to support people who are highly sensitive as well as work with the unconscious anl spiritual aspect of life. In an atmosphere that is non judgmental and present you are invited to express feelings and beliefs to allow natural insight. As a result of this greater insight, more choice becomes available on how to act, feel, and think, less anxiety, greater freedom, greater joy, more effective action and communication.   I work with people’s shadow or unconscious parts that can cause behavioral problems, triggers, and emotional reactions, By shedding light on the hidden parts, a new part is allowed to emerge like a lotus blossom emerges from muddy waters. Using relational, humanistic, somatic, shadow work modalities, personal growth natural unfolds in an environment conducive to greater insight and behavior change.

Ayurveda Bodywork

 I offer over 10 traditional Ayurveda body therapies and specialize in Ayurvedic Detox called Panchakarma.   

which is a tailored program to help cleanse the body with diet, herbs, lifestyle, and other Ayurvedic techniques help to rid the body of ama (toxins), and improve overall ojas, immunity, and bliss. Cleanses can help increase energy, reduce anxiety, reduce depression, increase mental clarity, improve immunity, relieve constipation, help with skin conditions such as acne, and psoriasis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and weight loss. This cleanse is a preparation for more advanced detoxification called pancha karma.https://i0.wp.com/ayurvedahealthcoach.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/SHIRODHARA-YES-YES-web.jpg?resize=300%2C217&ssl=1