What People Say About My Services

What My Clients Say


"Rose is a truly gifted transformational coach; I know I can count on her when I need to center myself and move through challenging circumstances. Sessions with her are always a revelation."

 David Seagull,  LCSW, Higher Brain Practitioner, Fairfield, IA

 “Rose is a remarkably intuitive person. Whether she is doing bodywork or talking to someone about an issue in their life, she intuitively zooms in on the crux of the problem, and lovingly brings healing through her bodywork or her wisdom . Linda Brooks -Shadowwork Coach,

“Rose has an extraordinary ability to be present with another person in a deeply sensitive and nourishing way.
Julie Mandarino – Psychologist and Relationship Counselor, Fairfield, IA

"I went down a dress size in one month from simply following two of Rose’s recommendations, getting up before 6:00 am and sipping hot water during the day."
- Jennifer B, Redding, CA

"What is evident in any interaction with Rose is her highly refined sensitivity to the complexity of internal states, integrated with the full embodiment of the experience. It is a wonderful blending of a pragmatic, yet most respectful approach, guided by a rich aesthetics and phenomenological presence."
- Dr. Ari Davis, Los Angeles

"I highly recommend Emotional Healing doing Voice Dialogue with Rose, a shift takes place in one session"
Dr. Michael Askins, psychotherapist, Nevada City, CA

"I lost 8 pounds last month without feeling deprived by drinking hot water every hour, taking triphala at night, and eating a lighter, earlier dinner. Rose’s recommendations work."

Ayurveda student at Healing Arts Institute, Citrus Heights, CA

"My Shadow Talk sessions with Rose Carol are releasing, healing and integrating. I felt I profoundly benefited from it and felt more integrated and at peace with "the whole of me" afterwards."
-Rosa Di Lorenzo, Psy. D., Licensed Psychologist, http://drrosadilorenzo.weebly.com/index.html

“I’ve never been rejuvenated so quickly and effectively than doing a detox and rejuvenation retreat with Rose and Valerie. I work with technology on a daily basis and reached a place where I felt completely burnt out, with a racing and unfocused mind and low energy. I went from feeling totally depleted and worn out to feeling full of energy and life in three weeks. Chuck Hornton CTO, Hdware, Nevada City, CA.

“I feel so fortunate and grateful for working with Rose and Valerie during my month long Pancha Karma.  I am in a state of blessed awe over my experience and the depth of my continual healing.  The panchakarma team is a harmonious force, and they embody such a genuine love and dedication to my individual process, in a way I have never experienced before with health professionals. They all made sure that I understood the treatments and process through from a holistic prospective.  I really appreciate how they nurtured and fed my body, intellect, and spirit in a divine balance. I received a wealth of lifestyle education, and I have a more thorough understanding of body/mind/spirit traits, emotions, characteristics, and how it all matches with spices, herbs, foods, nature, rhythm, time, seasons, weather, patterns…etc.
One of my most profound healings from the experience comes from the fact that I am so comfortable with them. I reached a new level of authenticity, empowerment, and self-love through their guidance, and it has facilitated a major shift in my lifestyle. I am so happy! Thank you!!!”

C.K. Nevada City, California

“Seems like I've always had digestive issues, constipation, bloating, gas.  I've dealt with it in various ways over my 81 years. In the last few years, I have developed uncontrollable prolonged flatulence which is devastatingly embarrassing.  I understand that gas is natural, and there will be some, but not as bad as this.Over-the-counter anti-gas aids and different diets worked weakly and inconsistently.   I stopped eating before and during social engagements and lived in fear. For the last 6 months, I have been following the advice of Rose Carol.  She coached me through a diet and routine that needed tweaking along the way and she warned me, it would take months to achieve my goalof being able to eat without "the problem".  I followed her advice, appreciated her patience and feel I am achieving my goal as long as I remain strict in following the diet she prescribed”.    Thank you, thank you!! M.T. Chicago, Il

“Rose, I just want you to update you on my hot flashes. Since I have been taking the herbs you recommended they are so much better it is amazing! Thank you so much!” 

- P.L. Sacramento, CA.

 "I came to see Rose distressed and disconnected, I left centered and radiant. When I need to re-center myself- Rose is my first choice".
-Jennifer Crebbin  www.changeyourhandwriting.com Grass Valley CA

" In just 2 days, after weeks of diarrhea , it went away. I’m sleeping better. My dreams are even better or I don’t even remember them which is good. My body feels like it’s started to metabolize food again, I’m eating more and my body is not as swollen as it was. I have also started doing the protein drinks in the morning. I eat an apple or a pear every day too."  
Janet P. Sacramento, CA.

“Rose Carol consulted with us about refining the operations and treatments of our clinic in India.  I highly recommend her as  both a practitioner and consultant of Ayurvedic Health Care."
Dr. Talavane Krishna
Founder, Indus Valley Ayurveda Health Center
Mysore, India

“That was the most powerful treatment I ever had. I am blown away, transformational!” Joanna Plafsky, Film Producer, Fairfield, IA

“Rose has a unique gift in doing voice-dialog with her clients – it’s like magic, one moment I was stuck, the next moment I was having a conversation with the part of myself that was stuck and solving their problem. I felt immediate relief and a new sense of integration and confidence”. C.I.  Bedago Bay, CA.

“I am now sleeping and feeling more productive, only after 2 weeks of following Rose’s recommendations. David.L. business owner, Fairfield, IA

“Things have been better, I haven’t been staying up so late or eating as much in the evening.  I have also been allowing myself to participate in my moment-to-moment experience more. I listen and relax more with others and go deeper with them in their experience-all that openhearted, wide-eyed child innocence along with the grand discriminator/one-in-control. My success during the day is measured more by how rich the personal contacts have been rather than just how many sales I have made. Thank you”. Jill H.  Fairfield, IA

“The students enjoyed learning authentic Ayurvedic healing with Rose.  Her depth of knowledge and firm grasp of the material is impressive, and she lovingly shares it with the students.
- Patricia Layton, Director of Bhavana Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda

“Rose is very knowledgeable in the realm of Ayurveda, highly experienced, and is able to share knowledge and therapy effectively and enjoyably. I loved the class, learned lots, and have deep appreciation and respect for Rose”.
- Barbara Neebel Meier, Director, Windermere Institute of Healing Arts, Decorah Iowa

“I recommend taking this opportunity for creating health, Rose’s treatments are wonderful .”
- Karlin Sloan, CEO Karlin Sloan and Company, Oak Park, IL.