Turiya Meditation

Ancient Ayurvedic Meditation


Turiya Meditation is unique and  very easy to practice.  It's an experience that allows one to momentarily be released from the grip and over-identification of the mind and emotions. The gentle disruption of mental patterns allows one to expand one’s perception and as a natural result, respond differently to whatever experiences life offers us outside of meditation. It’s an excellent tool for those seeking help for anxiety, PTSD, or anyone who senses there is more to life and wants more balance. 

In this safe and gentle experience, practiced at home, or on a train, bus, sitting comfortably, only takes about  15 minutes twice a day to reap the benefits. An individual experiences a unique state of awareness that is called Turiya in Sanskrit. It is a 4th state of awareness that is different from other familiar states of consciousness such as waking, and sleeping yet feels just as natural. It is not a flashy experience but one that is very familiar and safe because it’s an awareness of the part of oneself that has always been there so that after the meditation, one feels greater calm, connected, and resilient.  It an experience of the non changing aspects, the silent witness of all of thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Some Benefits from Turiya Experience

· A Way to Emotionally and Mentally Resource Oneself

· Reduction of Anxiety

· Cognitive Flexibility

· Release of Stress

· Improved Sleep

· Improved Mood

· Reduction of Reactive Behavior

· Greater Sense of Well-Being 

· Support for PTSD

· Increased Ability to Adapt to changes.

· Increased Resilience

· Increase Ability to Relax

· Improved Relationship

· Produce a Positive Effect in the World

  Frequently Asked Questions

I have trouble sitting for long periods of time how is this different than other meditations?   One can practice it for 15 minutes and still get great benefits.

Do I have to block out thoughts during Turiya Meditation? It’s not required to remove thoughts or manipulate the type of thoughts that arise. This is not positive thinking and does involve inserting ideas into the mind or hypnotism. It’s easy to do.

How soon will I feel the benefits? The benefits are unique to each person. Some feel a relief from anxiety right away and some takes a few days or a few weeks. 

What is the goal of meditation?There is no goal during the actual practice. The goal is outside of the meditation experience and that is to feel better in daily life, feel less anxiety, and increase feelings of well-being. .

Why can’t I learn meditation for free by downloading a meditation app? You can, and sure you can feel benefits. Some people get more results having the experience transmitted from a meditation expert in person through human contact, especially those suffering from PTSD and other anxiety disorders as a way receive greater value than and support.

 About the Instructor, Rose Carol:

I have been practicing a deeply calming form of meditation from India since 1976!  Lately, I have been feeling a deep sense of calm despite all the chaos in the world and I am feeling now more than ever to share the tools of my meditation practice with more people in order to create a calmer atmosphere that would not only benefit yourself and your loved ones but the world at large. 

In 1983, I studied directly with the founder of Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi Mahesh Yoga (Guru of the Beatles) and I was invited to teach his evidence-based meditation that has been proven to reduce PTSD, anxiety, reduce substance abuse, improve learning ability and increase overall wellbeing. Over the years, I have witnessed hundreds students of every age improve the quality of their lives.

Although, I don't teach TM anymore,  and I still recommend people learning it from www.TM.org, however, if that is not your cup of tea, I do created a similar meditation that is even easier to practice and based on my 41 years of personal practice as well as teaching it to clients with anxiety and depression as a Professional Counselor. 

During the next few weeks, while we are all stuck inside, why not take this opportunity to dive deep into your inner silence and significantly reduce stress.  I will show you how. It’s easy and enjoyable and I promise, I won't ask you to stop thinking thoughts. You don’t have to empty your mind.

Take the next step, schedule a free 15-minute assessment with me. After that we will schedule your instruction.

We will schedule three 45-minute sessions over a seven-day period and the 4th session is given later. The cost for all for 4 lessons is usually $250, however, I am offering 60% off my usual price during this mandatory home time, I am offering it for only $97 as a gift to you.  This will be held over zoom or skype.

Text or call 847 636 2744

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